As a 3D artist and co-founder of Diakamos, I am passionate about creating objects in various styles for gaming environments. I have a strong eye for detail and continuously work to improve my technical and creative abilities.


Apr. 2020-        Game Artist - Diakamos - Turkey

Mar. 2023       At Diakamos, I co-founded, my colleague and I have collaborated on     various projects and video games. Details.

Apr. 2017-        Freelance Graphic Designer - Turkey

Aug. 2022      I delivered creative solutions for diverce projects. Details.

Apr. 2022-        English Teacher - English Time - Turkey

May. 2022      I successfully graduated two classes during my 2-month working                                  time at English Time.

Jun. 2020-        Restoration Team Member - Kuzey Şahin İnşaat - Turkey

Aug. 2020      I worked for three months on a restoration team, gained  experience

                           in fine and rough craftsmanship. 

Sep. 2019      Sales Representative - Sansiro Perfume - Turkey

Nov. 2019      Experienced in perfume sales and passionate about providinn 

                         exceptional customer service. 

Feb. 2016 -        Sales Representative - Kuzey Şahin İnşaat  - Turkey

Sep. 2017        Experienced in real estate sales and knowledgeable about the   

                           current market trends. 


Sep. 2018 -        English Language and Literature - Kocaeli University - Turkey

Sep. 2022       While studying this field at university, my fascination with the                                          medieval world and literature grew, blending seamlessly with my                                artistry and inspiring the creation of imaginative works. 



English                                  Full Professional Proficiency

Turkish                                  Mother tongue


Music                                     Industrial Metal, 80s - 90s , Anatolian Rock,              


Sport                                     Football (Soccer), Cycling, Table Tennis, Motorcycling,  

                                                   Weightlifting, Hiking

Games                                   Mount & Blade Warband, Terraria, DayZ, BattleField                                                           Series, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, Fallout: New Vegas,                                                          Red Alert 2.